"I have been so pleased with this club that I have suggested to other parents if they are in need of an After School Club they should definitely make use of this one". Theresa

"I am so pleased with the provision here at Mseplay, my daughter thoroughly enjoys every minute so much that I am told off if I try to collect her early"!! Dennis

"My son loves coming to the After School Club so much that sometimes he even asks dad and mum to collect him later. He is always happy when we pick him up and he enjoys playing with his friends. He has learnt playing monopoly which at his age is quite unusual. I am really impressed with the EYFS sheets and how the club follows the objectives set by the school. The staff are friendly and caring, always very motivated and skilled. Overalll we are really satisfied and expect him to come the next few years. His sister will join also once she starts school. Thank you"!! Ana

Mseplay Club offers a range of activities which covers the six developmental areas. Activities include:

Outdoor Area

Football, Hoops, Skipping and other outdoor activities

Computer & Wii Games

Music Area

Tape Recorder, Dance Mat and Karaoke Machine

Hall Games

Snooker, Football Table and Table Tennis

Board Games

Scrabble, Chess, Ludo, Monopoly and Puzzles


Duplo, Lego, Magnetix and Construction Kit


Pizza and Sandwiches

Quiet Area

Books and Bean Bags in carpeted area