After School Club

Your child does not need a packed lunch for the after school club, because on arrival from school, we offer the children a snack such as tuna pasta, rice, noodles and fruit (the menu list will be displayed on the parents notice board). If your child would prefer, there is an option of toast available. As part of our recognition of the Greenwich healthy schools initiative, the club does not serve any fizzy drinks, just water and this is available for the children throughout the session. However, during special events such as birthdays, planned activities, Christmas and end of term parties, fruit juices, biscuits and chocolates may be served.

Mseplay Club views mealtimes as an important aspect of a child’s development. It is an opportunity for both children and staff to sit together at the table and engage in conversation, thus enabling the children develop their social skills as they discuss with their peers, learn table manners as well as health and nutrition.